Greetings From The Chairman

Dr. Ahmad Hariyanto, M.Si

Dear Students, Lecturers, and Colleagues,

Welcome to  “School of Health Sciences” (SHS)- Surabaya. Located  at Jl. Medokan Semampir Indah No. 27 Surabaya, which is  the second largest city in Indonesia, SHS is easy to reach. This is a school specializing on health sciences with four study programs at the moment, namely Nursing, Professional Nursing, Nutrition, and Housewifery. SHS is now working hard to produce graduates ready to work in the 4.0 industrial era. For that reason beginning from 2019, some big agendas are being done such as curriculum revision, blended learning and teaching process, completing learning and  teaching facilities, recruiting professional staff, widening international networking, preparing International Class Program (ICP), research-based learning, and product-based final theses.

SHS is now preparing the conversion to become a university in the near future with several promising new study programs such as nursing engineering, nutrition engineering, housewifery engineering, hospital management, health management, and clinical pharmacy. As a part of higher education systems in Indonesia and supported by highly dedicated and professional staff and mostly young and energetic lecturers, SHS is committed to achieve its dream to become a professional and widely known institution for the sake of humanities and human civilization. Come and join us in SHS.


Greetings From The Chairman Of The Board Of Trustees

Prof. Dr. H. Mudjia Rahardjo, M.Si

Dearest  All,

School of Health Sciences – Surabaya – abbreviated as SHS (formerly known as Stikes Surabaya) is now working hard to be an excellent education institution on health sciences. The year 2019 is the monumental year for SHS to formulate some programs to achieve its final goal to become a full fledged university.  The years 2019-2020 are the moment used to prepare the establishment of the university.

Specializing on health sciences as the primary distinction, SHS  will have three faculties, namely; Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Economics, and Faculty of Engineering with the following study programs such as nursing, midwifery, nutrition, professional nursing, nursing engineering, midwifery engineering, nutrition engineering, health management, hospital management, accountance, and clinical pharmacy. To realize the programs, some collaboration with several national and international institutions has been made, while others are still under process.

As the chairman of the Board of Trustees and on behalf of all its members, I totally support the growth and development of OHS to be an excellent higher education institution in Indonesia. Good luck and we wish you all success!